Madison County Benefit Eligibility Information

  Madison County, Iowa - Benefit Eligibility Information



Arrow bullet point Health benefits (medical, dental, vision) are offered as a complete insurance package
Arrow bullet point Employees may choose to accept dental and vision coverage only
Arrow bullet point Eligible employees receive benefits coverage on the first day of employment
Arrow bullet point Annual open enrollment begins February 1st with coverage effective March 1st
Arrow bullet point Health insurance offers two levels of coverage: Single and Family
Arrow bullet point Dependents eligible for health insurance coverage are:
  Arrow bullet pointYour spouse (a husband or wife as the result of a marriage that is legally recognized in Iowa; this does not include a spouse from whom you are legally separated or divorced)
  Arrow bullet pointYour domestic partner
  Arrow bullet pointYour dependent children (a natural child, a legally adopted child or a child placed with you for adoption, a child for whom you have legal guardianship, a stepchild, or a foster child
      Arrow bullet pointYour dependent child may be covered for health insurance through the end of the month
    in which they turn age 26. The dependent child under age 26 can be:
          Arrow bullet pointA student or non-student
          Arrow bullet pointLive in Iowa or outside Iowa
          Arrow bullet pointBe unmarried or married (a dependent’s spouse is not eligible for coverage)
      Arrow bullet pointChildren that are over age 26 and a full time student are eligible


Arrow bullet point Eligible on first day of employment
Arrow bullet point Employees participate in the IPERS retirement plan beginning on the first day of employment
Arrow bullet point Member Handbook
Membership Class Member Share Employer Share Total
6.29% 9.44% 15.73%
Sheriffs and Deputies
9.79% 19.52%
Protection Occupations
6.81% 10.21% 17.02%
Arrow bullet point You and/or your supervisor should report the injury to Company Nurse at 1.888.770.0928. If necessary, report to the County’s designated physician for all workers’ compensation injuries and illnesses. In the event of an emergency, dial 911 and seek immediate medical attention.
Arrow bullet point Company Nurse reports the claim to Madison County’s designated workers’ compensation carrier, Iowa Municipalities Workers Compensation Association (IMWCA)
Arrow bullet point Eligible first day of employment. Administered by Mutual of Omaha. Start by calling an EAP professional at 800-316-2796 for confidential consultation and resource services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or visit
Arrow bullet point Vacation, holidays, sick leave, personal leave, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and other time off programs


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