Administers and enforces the provisions of the office of Madison County Zoning & Environmental Health, County Board of Health regulations and sets up and administers County E-911 system.

  Madison County, Iowa - Zoning and Environmental Health


Public Hearing on a proposed urban renewal plan for the 2018 Madison County Urban Renewal Area
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Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Madison County Comprehensive Plan
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Board of Health Agenda
December 13, 2018
*** Public Hearing Notice ***

The Following Public Hearing is for:
Request of Country Haven Guest Homes LTD/ Bitter End-Old School Choppers rezone property from A Agricultural to C Commercial

Madison County Zoning Commision
Thursday. December 13, 2018 at 7:00 p.m.

Zoning & Environmental Health Administrator
Administers and enforces the provisions of the office of Madison County Zoning & Environmental Health including the Madison County Zoning Ordinance and the Madison County Board of Health Regulation. These ordinances and Regulations are in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 335 of the Code of Iowa and adopted by Madison County, Iowa governing the zoning of lands and structures located within Madison County, Iowa, but falling out side of the corporate limits of any city located within Madison County.

Environmental Health Officer/Sanitarian
Administers and enforces county Board of Health Regulations including but not limited to septic systems and well construction, administers the Grants-to-Counties program of well testing, well closing and well rehabilitation, and performs the required inspections .

Zoning & Environmental Health Assistant
Sets up and administers the County E-911 Program with the support of the South Central Iowa Regional E-911 and assist in office and field duties as required.

This Ordinance is adopted for the following purposes:

To provide land use planning for the orderly growth of the County, and to enhance the beauty of its natural resources;
To protect the agricultural interests of the property owners of the County;
To increase the economic resources of the County by making the area more attractive to industry;
To lessen congestion in the street or highway;
To secure safety from fire, panic and other dangers;
To protect health and the general welfare;
To provide adequate light and air; and
To facilitate the adequate provision of transportation, water, sewage, schools, parks and other public requirements; all in accordance with a Comprehensive Plan and as permitted by the provisions of Chapter 335 of the 1995 Code of Iowa, as amended.

The regulations set by this Ordinance within each district shall be minimum regulations and shall apply uniformly to each class or kind of structure or land, as hereinafter provided:

1. No building, structure or land shall hereafter be used or occupied and no building or structure or part thereof shall hereafter be erected, constructed, reconstructed, moved, or structurally altered unless in conformity with all of the regulations herein specified for the district in which it is located except agricultural uses are exempt.
2. No building or other structure shall hereafter be erected or altered:
 To exceed the height;
 To accommodate or house a greater number of families;
 To occupy a greater percentage of lot area;
 To have narrower or smaller rear yards, front yards, side yards, or other open spaces;
 In any other manner contrary to the provisions of this Ordinance.
3. No part of a yard or other open space or off-street parking or loading space required about or in connection with any building for the purpose of complying with this Ordinance shall be included as part of a yard, open space or off-street parking or loading space similarly required for any other building.
4. No yard or lot existing at the time of passage of this Ordinance shall be reduced in dimension or area below the minimum requirements set forth herein. Yards or lots created after the effective date of this Ordinance shall meet at least the minimum requirements established by this Ordinance, except as set forth herein.

Section 15: Zoning Certificates
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C.J. (Jeff) Nicholl, Zoning & Environmental Health Administrator

C. J. (Jeff) Nicholl

Address of Zoning & Environmental Health:
Madison County
Courthouse - Third Floor
112 N. John Wayne Drive
Winterset, IA 50273

Hours Office is open:
Monday - Friday
8:00am to 4:30pm

Phone Number:
(515) 462-2636

FAX Number:
(515) 462-5002

Employees in the Zoning & Environmental Health Office:
Michael Fairchild
Environmental Health Officer

Zoning & Environmental Health Forms:
Forms, permits, ordinances from the Zoning & Environmental Health office


The Madison County Zoning Commission meets the 3rd Thursday of every month in the Conference Room - third floor of the Courthouse. The meeting is called to order at 7:00 P.M.


The Madison County Board of Health meets the 1st Tuesday EVERY OTHER MONTH in the Conference Room - third floor of the Courthouse. The meeting is called to order at 7:00 P.M.


The Madison County Board of Adjustment meets the 1st Tuesday of every month in the Conference Room - third floor of the Courthouse.  The meeting is called to order depending on the time of year at 7:00 P.M. or 8:00 P.M.

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